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The research into Saunders Aircraft Canada started back in 2014, an aeromodelling club mate asked me to help him sketch out plans to build a 8 foot (2.4m) wingspan r/c model of the Saunders ST-28 as he had worked on the jigs for the Saunders ST-28.  We realized, this is a neat Canadian aviation story that needs to be shared. Thus we have this blog started in 2019 and Saunders Aircraft Facebook Group Page  and in the near future a book on the history of  Saunders Aircraft Limited.?
Saunders ST-28, photographer unknown via the web
The Saunders Aircraft story cannot be told without your help. We'd love to hear from you, whether you or your parents worked for Saunders, DOT or FAA, Aviation Traders UK, Atlantic Aviation, ACES, St. Andrews Airways, Atonabee, On Air, City Express, Northland, Skywest, Swift Aire, Voyageur, Labrador, Aero Trades, OCA, Gimli Industrial Park,  De Havilland (Herons) or something related to Saunders or the Dehavilland DH114 Heron.

Tell us what you remember about working for Saunders, or on the ST-27's and the ST-28, maintaining the ST-27's, flying the ST-27, flying or maintaining the De Havilland Heron, email me at kenkalynuk@gmail.com  or join our Saunders Facebook group 

January 2020 update - writing has started on the complete history book of Saunders AIrcraft Ltd. We have not chosen a title, but every day I write a few more pages and do more  Saunders research.
Covid19 has closed the archives so we'll wait until thye open again.

We have received photographs, manuals, stories, and newspaper clipping, which we plan to get on line and we are always looking for more Saunders Aircraft information.

Skywest ST-27 009 C-GCML (rk collection)

Saint Andrews Airways ST-27  006 CF-LOL (rk collection)


  1. Back during the early 1980s, I flew in a Saunders ST-27 between Montreal and Ottawa. It was as comfortable as flying in a Beechcraft A-90 King Air.
    Fast forward to 1992 and i was teaching skydiving at Gimli, Manitoba and saw a couple of ST-27 fuselages, plus misc. spare parts in the old RCAF hangar.
    We wonder why ST-27 was not more popular considering how the similar Beechcraft King Air is still half of the light turbo-prop fleet and how many hundreds of Beech 99s and thousands of1900s carry commuters.

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